Interview: Adekunle Gold tells us what to expect from Afro-pop!

In this new interview with one of the centerpieces of contemporary music in Nigeria, Adekunle Gold discusses the evolution of his sound, his upcoming album and more. Before getting too deep into the buzz his new sound is currently generating, Gold quickly adds that he started experimenting with this style back in 2017 with Call on Me.

But it is no brainer to say that he has now perfected the style in 2019. Thanks to the brilliant input of producers like Sess and Okan. When asked about his upcoming album- initially scheduled to drop this year but has now been moved up a couple of months- Adekunle Gold belted:


WIth clear excitement on his face, he reveals that the Afro-pop album is a mix of everything fans never imagined he could do. Yet when asked if it can be regarded as his best project to date, he remained adamant that as much as his evolution on Afro-pop is refreshing and necessary, Gold and About 30 were unique and impactful in there own special way. Like Afro-pop, a phase he describes as him “merely having fun”,  his other albums represent distinct and phases he is proud to have undergone in his blooming career.

Finally, he adds that the Afro-pop album itself is ready. And he only needs to push a button to make it officially available. The delay and postponement are, therefore, over strategic reasons. He talks about Post Malone being a heavy source of inspiration, his favorite performance overseas and more. Check out the whole bit below on our Youtube channel.

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