These days, we find most youths expressing themselves in various ways and the most recent style in which most of them do this now is by creating a fashion statement. We had the old school, and the new school and now, we have what we call the ALTE dressing.

ALTÉ” simply means ALTERNATIVE. To alternate or switch something for or with something. In fashion, it is embracing the retro and vintage style of dressing.

Today, we see a lot of teenagers on dyed hair, baggy pants or shorts, piercings, ripped shirts or polo, small glasses making videos and hanging together because they see themselves as different.

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I believe this trend isn’t just about western and local culture shaped teenagers, who have built a community for themselves, but has added a new dimension to the creative scene. We also see artists like BOJ, AJEBUTTER, WURLD, SANTI and ODUNSI front the movement in their music videos supporting this trend for afro-pop producers and artists.

Well, from what we have seen around we would all agree that it looks like a combination of both the old school and new school styles of dressing don’t you think?



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