ASA is a Nigerian singer and songwriter who was born in Paris. She grew up in a small town near Lagos Nigeria and went back to Paris  18 years later to study music and commenced her music career afterward. She grew up listening to the likes of MARVIN GAYE, FELA KUTI, BOB MARLEY, KING SUUNY ADE, DIANA ROSS, and others as that was the kind of music her father listened to and over time, influenced her music career

Asa met her manager Janet Nwosu who doubles as her friend in 2004 and was later signed to NAÏVE RECORDS. She introduced her to Cohbams, and partnering with Christophe Dupouy a project manager and Benjamin Constant a writer, she produced her first self titled album “ASA” which went platinum. The release of this album seems to have blown the jazz singer globally.

The pop singer looks to be well recognized and appreciated in foreign countries especially the French as she bagged a prestigious “French Constantin” award in 2008 in Paris and was later nominated for “female artist of the year” in the “Victoires De La Musique” in 2011.

The Nigerian French singer went on to tease her second album “BEAUTIFUL IMPERFECTION” with the lead single titled “BE MY MAN” which was released late September 2019 prior to the album release date. The album was later released on the 25th of October 2010 and enlisted collaboration from French composer Nicolas Mollard. It later went platinum in 2011 making it her second album to hit the Platinum.

Her level of greatness seems to be out of this world as the icon didn’t just stop there. She went on to drop her third studio album “BED OF STONE” in August 2014. The album had hit singles like “DEAD AGAIN, EYO, SATAN BE GONE, THE ONE THAT NEVER COMES, AND MOVING ON” and afterward, she went on her world tour from 2015-2017.

Asa broke her five years lacuna and welcomed the new year with her new single titled “THE BEGINNING” on May 14th, 2019. She has no doubt acquired an unarguable amount of fame globally as she is seen and known to be expanding in the music industry like wildfire. And now I throw it to you the fans and critics out there and ask; do you think ASA is great or she is just underrated?

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