Deal with it by Phyno- Album Review

Listen to new phyno album- Deal with it

On phyno’s third studio album, the rapper focuses on God, love, his journey as an artist and setting the record straight.

Album intros doesn’t get better than this one. Phyno’s delivery on this Benjamin’s production set the tone for an awesome listening experience ahead. Phyno first of all talks about his longevity, his identity and how people take advantage of his kindness. In conclusion he adds that there is no more Mr nice guy.

On Oso gaene– here the intensity from the first track dropped quite a bit. Anyways, phyno advices his listeners on this track to run from people that talk too much. Because they will end up talking about you.

Machi- phyno swears by God that he will be there for his lover for as long as he draws birth.

Godswilling- the collaboration with runtown is a perfect blend that sees phyno deliver a slow rap as he talks about his legacy and life long goals.

Get the info- Nigeria politics is the subject of focus on this track. Phyno teams up with Falz and phenom on this as they challenge the authorities in charge of governing the affairs of the nation. Phenom was a breath of fresh air no doubt and I hope he makes a full return to doing rap music. The industry at the moment could use a few serious about rapping.

Ride for you – phyno features Davido as they both eulogise their lovers. He  does more of singing as he showers praise on his lover. Davido as you would expect also sings but what’s impressive is how fluent he delivers some parts of his verse in the igbo dialect.

Speak life, on God- Phyno takes us back to some real hip hop feel as he does some hardcore rap in his dialect. Delivery and sampling. Producer, Major banks and phyno have a solid relationship over the years which they once again  recreate on this track.

The 21-track album has a couple of really impressive songs and it scored a total of 6.6 out of a possible 10. It would have gathered more than that were it not for some of the track arrangements that looked out of place. It is probably as a result of the large number of producers- over 14- that worked on the album. As this was evident from the subpar track to track transition that occurred many times on the album.

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