Dream collaboration: Adele and Sam smith

It is obviously game over if these two ever link for a duet. Imagine a combination of their piercing vocal pitch producing what will most likely be a break up song. The outcome, well would be lost in projections of what people might cry about. Some people will even cry over inanimate objects when the song starts to hit tear ducts.

Also, it should easily become an all time highest grossing song. Not only do these two singularly possess the reputation of making unearthly music in terms of quality, they are also backed with superstar numbers. Therefore the reception will be gargantuan. I can only imagine the amount of awards they would rake in by so combining on a track.

A lot of of fans have been forever clamouring for this collaboration to happen. Let’s hope they are already planning on it and it doesn’t take forever to happen. And it does not end up like the category of the Kendrick and Jcole collab album.

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