Dremo Codename Vol 2 Album Review

Dremo Codename Vol 2 Album Review

If Codename Vol 2 is a soundscape matrix then it sees Dremo in a Morpheus-like role holding out the red and blue pill. Spitting so audaciously unhinged and with a venomous flow on the first half of the album, he addresses the reality or his perception of it. And it is that he is currently the best MC out and he will show no mercy when dealing with his rap adversaries or any adversary for that matter. On the other half of the album, he is offering the illusory blue pill in the form “Lamba’’ tracks.

Codename Vol 2 Review


For this intro, I broke the most important rule for listening to an album for the first time: no skips, no replay. Well, I hit replay a number of times. And I must say i have no regrets because this intro is really that good.

For quite some time now, the Nigerian rap scene has certainly been missing this type of hunger and energy that Dremo injected into this opening. And given that there are only a few rappers who have cemented that legendary status in the rap game, you wonder why many more don’t bring this kind of hunger to the booth. But Dremo mention on this highly vivacious intro that even though he too sometimes compromises his rap legacy in order to put food on his table– because simply being a rapper in Nigeria is commercially not enough— he is still the best one out.

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Dremo keeps the good stuff going as he maintains a steady momentum. Dremo is still trying to bring down the booth with his thunderous, vengeful flow on Collect. He is clearly a man on a mission. Again he issuing threats to whoever dares to overstep and cross him.


There are not many Nigerian artists that presently embody the singing-rap genre better than Dremo. We’ve seen him execute it to perfection on a number of occasions and it is no different here. There’s a theme developing on this album so far and it is that Dremo is sending out lyrics like headshots. The message is clear here, he won’t desist from stunting on those who are jealous of his shine.

-Who’s your guy

One of the shortest tracks on the album. Here he makes it clear he selects his friends carefully and can spot a foe from a mile away. Also, that unnecessary familiarity is prohibited around him.


This guy is unbelievable. He’s now saying, sorry, rapping the Lord’s prayer. Here he sows a seed of prayer for himself and his listeners.


All indications point to the fact that Dremo is done with all the kerfuffle of the first part of the album, at least he is not addressing it on this particular track. He is simply rapping about lighter subjects that have to do with the thrills of the superstar lifestyle.


Yeah, I was right we are now properly into that “Lamba” side of the Album. All beef has been addressed above now it’s time to have fun. And he’s recruited the lord of Lamba himself to assist him on the track. The tempo considerably dropped here but that’s not a bad thing really.


This track was teased at the beginning of the lockdown. And it features the DMW boss himself it might not be on par Kpa from codename 1, but it is decent still.

-Sharp Sharp

I was very interested in this track in particular because I wanted to see how Dremo would fare against the only Alist rapper on this album. This has a very interesting bop to it. So far Falz is in his bag but Dremo covered the basis of the chorus very well. Oh, Dremo is spitting on the second verse. Good matchup, interesting way to bring the album to a close.

I must say I enjoyed myself listening to the album, no ground-breaking productions per se but there are a few good uses of Fela-type instrumental here and there. But who needs ground-breaking production when you are Dremo and can body whatever with your flows. Finally, I’d say Codename Vol 2 is also considerably better than 1 in terms of what is being addressed and his overall delivery. But the album could have done a little better in the content department.

Album rating: 6.5

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