Eminem Drops Surprise Album “Music To Be Murdered By”

Rapper Eminem surprises fans with a 20-track album that features drum roll, please…… Ed Sheera!!! Juice WRLD and young M.A. just imagine the lyrical goodness that your ears are about to be blessed with!

Despite the fact that “Music to be murdered by” is Eminem’s 11th studio album, He still delivers like a hungry college kid looking for a record deal.

Premonition (intro)


On the intro of the album, Eminem talks about a combination of his albums over the years, reviews from critics, fans reception to his last album and his awards over time;

 “I was considered, one time, as the illest, Bitch, I’m still as fly as your zipper, True, I just get richer, but if it was ever all about skrilla, Then I woulda quit a long motherfucking time ago, Bitch, shut the fuck up, I should go say that shit to Tech N9ne or the Jigga, nobody said shit about 2, Chainz as long as he’s been here, shit, No wonder you’re mad, now I’m”

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Unaccommodating (feat Young M.A)

On UNACCOMMODATING, the second track on the album, Young M.A delivers what sounds like a freestyle, while Eminem does what he does best, throwing shots at rappers. He called out sassy rappers “who paint their nails” and rappers with weak punch lines;

“Game over, Thanos on you H-O’s
On my petty shit but I don’t paint toes (Yeah)
Get the plunger (Plunger) ’cause Marshall and M.A go plum crazy
Call us liquid plumber, ’cause even Dre know (Dre know)
Beat knocks like a beefed up Detox, you’re gonna need three SWATs
A police officer’s at least cuffing me up for evading and I don’t stop
Please dawg, I need y’all to keep talking shit ’cause I feed off of it
I am the complete opposite of these retards who spit these weak bars, I’ma leave carnage”

Godzilla (feat Juice Wurld)

Juice WRLD and Eminem deliver seamlessly on this particular track.  You can tell this song is fast headed for the charts. Eminem also talks about his music inspiration – Y’all know Slick Rick right?. Great! now pree this below;

“I’m just a product of Slick Rick, at Onyx, told ’em lick the balls
Had ’em just appalled at so many things that pissed ’em off
It’s impossible to list ’em all”

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