Falz, Ajebutter 22 and Boj Display Pure Class in “Ronaldo” Visuals

Falz, Ajebutter 22 and Boj Display Pure Class in

Fresh off their “Make E No Cause Fight II” E.P, the trio released the visuals of “Ronaldo”, which is the lead single off the album. The video was directed by the alien and he tells a tale of “a day in the life of the biggest ballers of oko”.

The video opens with the trio working profusely at their different jobs. Falz as a barber while Boj and Ajebutter 22 as mechanics. This aspect of the video is really funny as it shows Falz hilariously dedicated to his job.

Secondly, after the opening scene and introducing them with their vocations, the scene that followed next was the make over scene which then transited to the night part of the video. The trio were dressed in stylish and classy outfits which displayed them as the real Lagos big boys. Also, another important message was infused in this part of the video and that message is hard work. The video showed the trio working at their vocational jobs earlier before going out to live life. This preached the habit of working legitimately and playing. It showed that they worked before they spent the money they made. Great message from the artistes and the director.

Also the scene which ran through to the end of the video was shot in a bar. This shows how the Lagos big boys spent their nights. A couple of women, Drinks and a lot of fun.

The video is an amazing project from the trio. The only aspect of the video that didn’t work for me was the fact that no aspect of football was added. The name of the song is “Ronaldo” who’s a footballer but no aspect of football was added. If this factor was added, the video would have been a 10 for me. But asides that, the visuals for “Ronaldo” is amazing.

Watch the video of “Ronaldo” by Falz x Ajebutter 22 x Boj on YouTube

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