Inner Peace Ep by Major Bangz X MaynEvent- Review

Major Bangz links up with MaynEvent for a 5-track EP aimed at prescribing inner-peace inducing remedies to its listeners. It is a commendable attempt but it’s like a prescribed drug that will most likely cure you but not without a few side effects. So you’re most likely to stop taking it and go for a more suitable option.

Zone out: Maynevent belts on this intro that music is the best escape from the pains the world tends to bring. In the midst of all the heart-wrenching events going on in the world, listening to music temporarily mitigates, and serve as a positive distraction.

Moment of Clarity: Speaks of the regrets that come with putting the chase of cash above all else. The songs follow a similar pattern about finding inner peace and this time self-love is what MaynEvent later finds as a perfect remedy in his quest for inner mirth instead of the endless chase of cash. And he describes this as a moment of clarity.

Heroes: He moves on from the love of one’s self to the love of thy neighbors, the ones you know and especially the ones you don’t. But he is not blind as to why people might hesitate from parading themselves as heroes. You try to be a hero and people will probably take you for a fool. But he insists that isn’t enough reason to halt your heroic biddings as relentless callousness continues to go on in the world regardless.

Want me too: A standout track on the album. This time MayEvent seeks inner peace from his lover with uses sweet melodies to communicate how.

EP Rating: 6.0

The EP’s attempt to make conscious music is quite commendable but the overall delivery fails to elevate the message to a place of full potential.

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