Is The Alté sound Alternative Music?

Is The Alté sound Alternative Music?

The average Nigerian has often confused alternative music with Alté. The difference is alternative is regarded as a genre and Alté is defined as a sound. So while most people believe they are the same thing, they aren’t.

Alternative music is more eclectic, original, and challenging (usually divided into alternative rock or pop). On the other hand, Santi defined the alté sound. He said, “It is music that represents freedom, genuine love, expression, and most importantly the reminder to never suppress your ability”. Furthermore, It’s a youthful sub-genre that tackles preconceptions of what African music is and can be.

The only similarity between the groups is that they’re both outside the musical mainstream. Hanging on the edges of the industry, they are starting to gain prominence and attention.

Notable alternative musicians in Nigeria include Johnny Drille, Nonso Amadi, Adekunle Gold, and Ric Hassani. Alté pioneers in Nigeria are Odunsi, Lady Donli, Santi and Tay Iwar.

While most people doubt the future of both groups in Nigeria, we cannot ignore the fact that the new generation is gradually warming up to the Alté sound. They have also made a mark in the fashion industry with different outfits and styles which are extremely similar to that of the 90s.

The fate of the Alté sound in Nigeria is definitely brighter than that of alternative music. The reason is that there are now record labels that have a genuine interest in them. Universal Music Group who recently set up base in Nigeria is putting a lot of faith in these musical acts. WurlD, Odunsi and Tay Iwar are among the artistes signed under UMG.

One important fact to note about both Sounds is that they are both diverse and different classes with very distinct sounds.

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