Is There Hope For Better Nigerian Awards?

Nigerian awards have always been a lookup to because of all the glitz and fame that comes with it but lately, yearly we are less impressed with the production quality of these awards.

Nigerians have come up with various questions;

  • What are the criteria for winning the awards?
  • Is there a panel that sits on these awards?
  • Does artist lobbying really exist?

Which brings to the speculation that a lot of these awards are bought with money, rather than being awarded because of the artiste originality and excellent content.

Unlike other music bodies abroad who release the voting numbers before announcing a winner.

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Panels made up of industrialists and experts in the field who sit and discuss on these awards, and proper auditing companies who analyze votes.

People in the award industry have come up with the excuses that finance and lack of proper structuring are causes to poor productions.

I believe the Nigerian Music industry can do better , and artists should support, collaborate and push for a better industry.

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