Korede Bello Sun Momi; A soft Come Back For the Former Mavin Meal Ticket

After falling off the charts for years, Korede Bello is back with his 1st single of 2020 called Sun Momi. “Sun Momi” is a love theme song that is perfect for the love season. We believe it’s an amazing comeback, but we don’t think it’s his best work yet, Here is why.


This is a great song, the perfect song for weddings and romantic hangouts. The melody is strong and tuneful. Korede Bello has an attractive vocal tone and puts real feeling into the lyrics.

” I wanna see you in the morning yea, you know it’s only you wey, I go buy that diamond for girl it’s only you, I wanna call when its boring yea, you know its only you”

Also, the production quality of the song is smooth and creative it compliments every word sung by him.

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Sun Momi is a great song with outstanding delivery, but if we look at it from the commercial appeal, I would say this is not one for the clubs and parties generally. But then again it probably wasn’t meant for the dancefloor and we nau just be tripping.


Korebe Bello is an amazing artist but hasn’t reached his full potential because he refuses to evolve. A good artist shouldn’t remain static, but dynamic, this means that he should explore and experiment, and not restrict his content or lyrics (in plain words sex sells, play around with puns in your lyrics). If he can make music without restrictions, I think he will go back to being one of the best.

Song Rating: 6.5


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