Lucid by Asa- Album Review

Lucid by Asa- Album Review

Lucid is a masterful blend of obvious vulnerabilities in love, moments of inspiring confidence and a sprinkle of a murderous scorn; all taken from the protagonist’s diary of love. Asa‘s fourth studio album is a thrilling encounter that makes up for the soul singer’s 5years absence away from the music scene.

Love is Unpredictable

This is the theme Asa continuously tries to drive home on her brand new album. She takes us on a lucid journey of love- the good, and especially the bad. Asa is sure to let her listeners know that love isn’t always a fairy tale. That it is, in fact, a box of chocolate. Love has its unique moments of intense pain and pleasure. This is the message the Lucid album encapsulates. And who better to tell the intricate stories of love than Asa through her immense artistic brilliance.

People do crazy things

The album opens on the account of a murderous scorn, Murder in the USA. Asa narrates a love affair gone all wrong. Things get heated between two lovers and the woman pulls the trigger against composed judgment. Love does that to a person- rids you of all rational wit.

The next tracks The Beginning and Good time are the only singles that preceded the arrival of the album. The themes on both tracks are consistent with Asa’s message about love. The beginning highlights the vulnerabilities of a woman in love hoping for her lover’s return. While Good thing paints a picture of a woman who has found her worth and no longer threatened by the idea of moving on.

But she also does not fail to recognize that happy endings and a comforting companionship can indeed be found in love as she serenades over her lover on, Stay tonight, You and Me and Happy People. Anyways she reminds her listeners on Torn, Femi Mo, 365 and 9 lives that those are merely few out of the numerous outcomes once you become involved the games of love.


Asa does artistic justice to the fourteen tracks on the album. Personally, I will describe the album experience a short movie. Each track with its own story. Also, there is simplicity in the production. Hardly is there any noticeable bass present but the guitar pierces the soul of its listeners with precision. This album ticks all the right boxes, great content, great vocals, interesting genres and of course a perfect delivery.

One last thing, I just want to make sure everyone knows that there are not a lot of things fancier than Asa singing in her native dialect.

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