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Singer Miley Cyrus released a new song “Slide Away”, and sources have it that references her recent split with her husband.

Just shortly after her split with husband Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus releases a new song which is said to talk about her almost 8 months marriage. She sang about how their relationship was once a paradise but now paralyzed. Also, how things are changed because they are grown, as well as missing somethings about them and their home.

Although the couples are yet to say what exactly is the reason(s) behind their breakup, a line from the song seems to have addressed the issue or dropped a hint to what one of the causes could be; “I want my house in the hills, dont want the whiskey and pills. I dont give up so easily, but i dont think i am down”, likewise the songs cover art, which also might get fans speculating more.

However, sources have it might be due to Liam’s alleged drug and drinking problem. Multiple sources close to the couple also have it that it might be due to a lot of disagreements.

Nevertheless, the singer has been said to have put in efforts to make the union work but to no avail thus resulting in the break. Listen to Miley Cyrus’s heartbreak song on Spotify.

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