Music Video Review: “Agege” – Tekno ft Zlatan

Music Video Review:

Tekno who has been in the news lately because of the uproar of naked women dancing in a truck along Lekki over the weekend released the music video from the scenes. He released the single, “Agege” featuring Zlatan yesterday and earlier today, he released the music video for the hit.

TG Omori directed the banging visuals for “Agege”. I personally love the video. The video had a lot of ambiances especially the scene where Tekno was in the truck dancing with Naked women. Tekno wasn’t isolated and all the attention wasn’t focused on him. The director showed other passerby’s and other cars passing which created an ambience for that scene.

Also, “Agege” is an uptempo beat and therefore required a lot of dancers and the director didn’t fail to deliver on that. The dancers in the video were excellent and they choreographed so well. the scene where Tekno was leading them in their dance steps was so intriguing to watch. they were in so much sync and the arrangement was very organic. The beautiful models that appeared in the video also made it more appealing to watch.

In addition to the beauty of this video, the director did a great job in splitting screen time. He gave Zlatan the adequate time he needed to deliver his verse and appear in the video. He also did the same for Tekno. No one was outshining the other as they both had equal screen time. This is mostly a difficult task for most directors as they knowingly and unknowingly tend to give unequal screentime to artistes.

Also, I would also love to give credit to the props team for the music video. I loved the transparent truck idea. The design, the lightening and the setting in it were pleasing to watch. I also love what they did with the car that was flipped over a d was bringing out steam. One could literally feel the steam.

Furthermore, I would love to give credit to the music video director, TG Omori. He introduced a different and fresh idea which a regular director wouldn’t have gone especially this video. This video is not like the regular Tekno video we see on our screens. its very different, unique and idea oriented.

But amidst all these glorifying, there’s one tiny element I didn’t like in the video and when you look at it, it’s major. I didnt like the costumes of Tekno and Zlatan. It was really off for me. It felt like the stylist for the music video didn’t really think their outfits through.

Asides that one factor, the video is amazing, lovely and a sight for sore eyes.

Watch the video of “Agege” by Tekno ft Zlatan on YouTube below.

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