music video review:

Just some months ago, rapper Zamir dropped his Ycee assisted single “ANTI”. The moody track welcomed a host of airplay and months later, a befitting video followed suits.

“Anti” video begins with Zamir’s self-confident proclamation followed by him rapping about not liking people and not ready to make any new friends. He further brags about his music game with his lyrics.

Produced by Tochi Bedford and directed by Ademola Falomo, Zamir’s “Anti” further sees him motivating himself to go out to the public with his new antisocial anthem. He then starts rapping is verses and choruses to the bedroom cams and later to the mirror. Zamir begins to spit out his murder lines to no one but himself in the solitude.

The video continues with Zamir meeting up with Ycee in an open field. His outing scenes show how uninterested he is to mingle or associate with people who aren’t in his circle. The scenes later continue with the duo rapping the rest of the track and in between, clips of Ycee performing his verses through a moving car window.

Zamir’s “Anti” video was shot in an open and serene neighborhood, also with a black and white view, giving it its moody feel. Zamir is dressed with a mask on that portrays that he doesn’t wanna be seen or known by the crowd. He and Ycee are also seen dressed in an Alte fashion.

Ycee, known to always deliver his lines when featured on a guest act, has inturn released a couple of mind-blowing projects this season. He has also hinted an incoming album that promises to get the crowd cheering for him this season.


Watch Zamir and Ycee spitfire


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