Rudeboy of former Psquare followed up on his message sending track, “Reason With Me” and debuted another song “Audio Money” which was packed messages for its listeners.

“Audio Money” produced by Lord Sky is a street anthem that educates its listeners about those living fake lives. He sings about how everyone seems to be rich on social media and also lack in life.

The video co-directed by Jude Okoye and Clarence Peters is a colorful project with a catchy tune to it. The star with his team is seen dressed as firefighters, fighting to put out the fires of fake living from people.

Rudeboy sings and calls out people having issues but still choose to fake until they make it as well as people portraying a life of wealth on social media while they languish in pain and suffering in reality.

However, the music project is a comic one that sees the singer trying to put out the fire of “audio money” in the guilty bunch.

see rudeboy fight fires of fake living



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