Music sensation and afrobeat queen Yemi Alade dropped her “Woman Of Steel” album sometime back and it has also successfully fed through the strong as well as positive buzz built around it. She later went on to premiered her short move “Home” and now recently dropped the visuals to a song off her album titled “Home”.

“Home” shot by Clarence begins with an interesting as well as progressive Igbo-sound instrumentals playing, giving off the feeling off Igbo rural setting.

It is then followed by Yemi Alade’s great voice, doing justice to the incredible lyrics. The singer stylishly dressed in beautiful and colorful African prints and her unique hairstyles, whose creator definitely deserves an accolade, kept singing between displayed scenes of her movie.

The visuals for this project were filled with colorful scenes that had a fresh and unique melody which was different from her former works. It also had a combination of native instruments that seems to be influenced by the Igbo tribe.

Nevertheless, “Home” is a strong body of work and we look forward to more projects like this from the star.

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watch the official video and short movie

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