WurlD’s Sophmore Ep “Love is Contagious” welcomed massive airplay and love from music lovers around the world. Out of the project, one of the standout tracks “Paranoid” finally got a worthy video, and we can tell you that it’s like nothing we ever saw.

WurlD on “Paranoid” promises the girl he loves that he would go the extra mile to be with her. Promising to her the best in life and also his best, he utters words of assurance just to win as well as calm her paranoid heart.

“Paranoid”, produced by Shiizi see WurlD swearing to his lover and assuring her that he is nothing like the other men who hurt and scorn her.  This track is an amazing track, with the flutes especially emphasizing the beat. Between scenes of waves crashing onto the beach, we see both lovers locked in a heartwarming embrace.

Directed by Samuel J. Roberts, an amazing filmmaker who doesn’t seem to miss a crucial detail when working on projects showed off his tremendous creativeness in this one. Furthermore, sources have it that the soothing video is a rub-off Quentin Tarantino’s 2007 horror film “Death Proof”.

WurlD, however, was deeply into character and showed off his ability to be versatile and the model putting in her best acts too.

Watch Wurld show off his emotions


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