Music Video Review: “Soapy” – Naira Marley

Music Video Review:

Naira Marley who is the new rave of the moment has been dropping hits like “Opotoyi”, “Am I A Yahoo Boy”? and “Soapy”. Naira Marley the leader of the Marlians released the music video for his Hit song “Soapy” last week Friday. Today, We are going to be reviewing it.

TG Omori directed the Amazing visuals of “Soapy”. As usual, the director brought his A-game and nailed the video. The scene of the video was in a supposed “prison”. I love this concept because, from the lyrics of the song, you can tell that NM was talking about what happens in Prison. The director using a built prison for the video was a perfect way o relate to the video.

Secondly, the costume in the video and their outfits was topnotch. The video had all of them wearing prison uniforms and this makes sense seeing that they were inmates. The orange overall and the white shoes complimented the video. Kudos to the director, the stylist and the costumier.

Furthermore, I would also love to give credit to the props team for the music video. They developed the prison from scratch. The lighting, the poles, and all others and it was magnificent.

Also, there’s a particular scene in the video that was emotional to me. The scene was Naira Marley was having a conversation with his mother. They built up a phone booth and set up a conversation with his supposed mum. From the video, one could feel the emotions happening in that scene. They also gave it some form of reality as they didn’t allow Naira Marley to finish the conversation with his mother because his time was up just like it happens in real prisons. Kudos once again to the director.

Another emotional part in the video for me was the scene were Naira Marley cut his cake. Due to the arrest of Naira Marley for being a suspect for internet fraud, he couldn’t celebrate his birthday. As a matter of fact, he was arrested on his birthday. The director took this into consideration and made him another birthday celebration with his friends while he was on set. That scene in the video was amazing to watch.

The video was also impressive in terms of the dance. As usual, Poco lee led the dance crew and served us some hot “Zanku” and “Soapy” steps. Naira Marley and Zlatan also brought their moves with them alongside Rahman Jago.

I personally see no faults with this video as I loved every part of it. Kudos to the Director, Naira Marley, The props team and all other parties involved in the making of “Soapy” music video.

Watch the video of “Soapy” by Naira Marley on YouTube below.

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