NewSide By DJ Ecool EP Review; A Dilettante Branch Out By the Disc Jockey

The renowned disc jockey signed to DMW coronates his dilettante branch-out from scratching at sold-out shows and exotic events to a full-scale singer with the arrival of the 7-track EP, Newside.

While it would be unfair to expect his freshman effort to be of consummate delivery, it’s not entirely unreasonable to hope that it at least comes with a decent surprise value. But given the constantly evolving soundscape in the Nigerian music scene, that is now so rife with competition for listenership, this new project doesn’t do enough to convince you of its worth.

Newside By DJ Ecool

But before you rip the project up for its somewhat pallid form, it is important to have a little backstory as to what motivated the coming together of this extended playlist.

In July 2019, DJ Ecool in an interview with The Nation revealed that:

“People don’t really respect the disc jockey’s pricing. People prefer to pay artistes more than DJs who can also move crowd.  But for whatever reason, artistes are of more value than disc jockeys and this is why I was trying to establish the other side of my brand”

With that interview in mind, it becomes apparent where Ecool stands with his newfound diversity as a performing singer–to get a cheque nearly as fat as the big names in the game when summoned to perform at events.

But the financial drive also appears to have had a parsimonious effect on the cost of producing this album. And as a result, it significantly watered down the overall quality of the album. While you’re trying to get used to some of the middling quality in Dj Ecool’s delivery, you also find yourself laboring through some of the not-so-shiny productions.

Production credits on many of the tracks featured on the Ep goes to a relatively unknown producer called Wizzle Blower — a cheap service if you like. And there’s the feeling that the album would have fared better if he hired the services of A-list producers instead to balance out his fledgling tryout.

That’s not to say the album didn’t have its bright spots. But given the little tolerance consumers of music have nowadays for amateurish music, it should have been considerably better.

Album Rating: 5.0/10

Standout tracks: Sobente & Like This

Listen to Newside By DJ Ecool on Apple Music Here

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