Niniola Shares benefits of Owning A Record Label

Niniola Shares benefits of Owning A Record Label

Last month, we caught up with Niniola and she gave us a lot of inside on her music.

She explained to us that her music does better because she owns her record label, “Naija Review”. She told us that it helps her push her music wherever and however she wants to push it. “No one is telling me, oh there’s a budget for this song. I do it my own way”. She added that owning her record label has taken her to places other labels couldn’t have taken her to.

Furthermore, Nini told us that another benefit is that she owns her own masters. She owns her masters, credits and has total control over everything.

We also asked her why she didn’t sign to anyone in the first place. We also asked if all the reasons above are the reasons she didn’t sign. Niniola explained that a lot of labels came for her but she didn’t sign because none of them offered what she wanted. She further explained that she thought to herself, “why not make your own label?” And that’s how “Naija Review” was born.

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