Off to a slow start, Sinzu’s lengthy 18-track album was able to slightly redeem itself at the death- Review

The album started on a pretty slow note, but thanks to the saving grace of an 18-track-long album it was able to redeem itself at the death.

Sinzu- Better Late Than Never

The album opens with a DJ Lanre intro where Sinzu is beckoned to save the Nigerian Hip Hop scene from its current pale state. I don’t exactly believe Sinzu is what the hip hop scene desperately needs right now, certainly not if we are taking hints from the next few tracks on the album. When someone as far removed but from the Hip hop scene like Sinzu makes a bold claim like the one in this intro, it certainly leaves the listener’s eyebrow raised in suspicion. He left the entire album open to serious criticism with that intro. And until later part of the album, he falls short of justifying his big talk to save hip hop.

If anything, the first half of the album felt like it needed saving, the kind Zlatan and Yungsix could not offer. Peruzzi tried his best but the weight of the Saving Hip Hop should not be a  singer’s cross to bear.

The second half of the album is where Sinzu truly strikes with credible intent and viable redeeming quality. No dates is far more purposeful, more Hip-hop centric as he promised compared some of the songs earlier on the album. Also on the next track, he finally introduces us to a feature that’s “hip hop-saving” worthy. Here on Change Am For Them Sinzu and Olamide interflow in a moderately prolific fashion. And maybe there’s yet little hope for Sinzu’s cause. Finally, the last two tracks on the album, 1st day out the Slammer and Thoughts from da Slammer are diarist raps about his days behind bars and after he got free of it. From how the personal messages are. To how compact the second half of the album is. It is not hard to tell Sinzu directed more effort towards making it.

Album Rating:5.9

Sinzu could have had a more decent level of critical acclaim success with this album if he had streamed down the number of songs from 18 to maybe 11 at most. But it is what it is. Anyways a couple of hits here, a couple of misses there certainly does not help with his cause to solely put Hip Hop on his back.

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