“Pxta” By Naira Marley: Is It An Insensitive Song Or Just Another “Lamba”

Naira Marley Might Be Going To Prison Soon. Here's Why.

Naira Marley released “Pxta” on the 13th of September, 2019. Since its release, the reception has been amazing. He had been teasing the song on his social media for a while now and it created massive anticipation. When the song dropped, it was straight flames like he promised.

Despite how amazing this song is, one cannot seem to overlook the provoking lyrics of the song. Even from the title which is “Puta”, a Spanish word for “Bitch”. Once this song was released, some people have voiced out their opinions on the title of the song and how offensive the song is to women. Most people have come out to chastise Naira Marley over his insensitive lyrics and how this is not his first time. Some fans made reference to his last song “Soapy” and how offensive it was. Even some celebrities like Kaffy and Simi have called him out in the past over his insensitive lyrics.

In my opinion, I understand that Naira Marley his just trying to make his music and create vibes. But I think as an artiste, the fans hold you in high regard and take whatever you say dearly. Therefore, as an artiste, you should be more cautious and sensitive on the type of music you make. Your lyrics should be more sensitive and inspire and not bring out the vices in people.

Furthermore, in trying to create “Lamba” and a street slang, you should be careful on the kind of message you are putting out. “Pxta” by Naira Marley has no value. Is Naira Marley teaching us that our women have no value? Is the only thing valuable in our women their body parts? What message is Naira Marley trying to pass with the song?

For an artiste as influential as Naira Marley, learn to create music that will create and inspire a positive change in the society at large and not a negative one.

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