Rema continues to Impress as he drops his third widely acclaimed EP in 6 months

Rema is widely regarded as the next big thing, and in all honesty, the young singer continues to shoulder the billing that accompanies such huge expectations in grande style. He drops his third Ep in 2019 which he titles Bad Commando and once again it is met with a warm reception from the public.

Unlike his last EP, which featured more Hip Hop/Trap sounds, Bad Commando has more singing and Afro vibes to it. But one thing remains the same, Rema retains his favoured 4-track signature roll out, as he looks to keep building a solid reputation for himself one EP at a time.

Bad commando: The track named after the album is dedicated to giving a vivid description of Rema’s authoritative personality and how he refuses to be compromised by anyone. For a young chap, Rema sure has a lot of Refreshing level of confidence. Solid album intro and a well rounded production.

Lady: Upon first listen this became my instant favorite. Rema infused a lot of catchy slangs into this one which makes it so easy to vibe to. Obviously Rema has done his homework well.  Because that is a vital ingredient for making hit tracks nowadays. How easily people catch a vibe are a big factor for any song to excel these days, and this song sure has a lot of vibes to it.

Rewind and Spaceship Jocelyn: Both songs had their moment but sometimes they just sounded so different from what we are used to, especially the latter part of Rewind.

Overall this is once again another solid short project from Rema Boy. It should do better than his freestyle E.P simply because it has more elements of danceable Afro vibes. Big credit to Ozedicus and London for delivering a smooth production once again.


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