Review: Reekado Banks- Put in Pressure

I genuinely understand the need for a commercial hit single in this age and time. And how the obsession to go/stay mainstream might keep a lot of artists up at night. Sustainability and relevance are after all two major drivers in the success of any showbiz. And commercial hit singles have proven to be very effective in that regard. But Reekado‘s latest attempt reeks of excessive desperation for the fruits of this particular formula without properly learning the ropes. And the outcome is not very pleasant.

He sought out Kel-p, the genius producer behind Killing dem”, for a replica of his work on that particular record and even went the extra mile of adding a lot Zlatan adlibs. But the outcome is far from the same as the record he tried so hard to imitate and instead results in a misfire. Now there is nothing wrong with branching out of your niche for a little bit of adventure elsewhere. But it is too obvious Reekado strayed way out of his without much practice or sturdy preparation.

Rora was a step in the right direction for an artist staging his comeback to the limelight. And you expect that the follow up should be a prospectively stronger output. Put in Pressure sadly isn’t that.

The only commendable thing about the song is the piece of music video that accompanied the release.

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