Song review- DJ Cuppy- Gelato ft Zlatan Ibile

DJ Cuppy- Gelato ft Zlatan Ibile Song review

Even before the release of this new song, many already signed up for the cuppy bash party. Some, now and in the past, even go as far as saying she can’t sing at all. But here is what I think: that is most definitely a skewed assessment of her music.

We heard cuppy deliver a stellar chorus on her song with Sarkodie back in 2018. I personally found her part on ”Vybe” particularly impressive, so without a doubt in my mind, I believe she is a decent singer with a lot of room to grow. And anyone who has bothered to pay any sort of attention to her music over the years should easily know this.

Now I will share with you guys two polarizing reactions about the newly released song, Gelato, and I will genuinely tell you where I stand.


Opinions will almost always vary but the problem with some opinions are that they are nearing the borders of hate and can no longer be classified under honest assessment of her talents. I was particularly critical of DJ cuppy’s delivery on her single, Charged Up. Though the beat, which was produced by Mastercraft, was catchy, a lot of people including myself thought Cuppy’s delivery sounded a bit too much like poetry and rhymes for preschool pupils.

But there is no way on earth you listened to that track above, where she was clearly experimenting, and in comparison to Gelato and deny she has not improved on her first model of the experiment.

On the other hand, Zlatan at the moment looks like he can’t put a foot wrong. Once again the indigenous rapper shows his lyrical prowess on the new track. As he further solidifies the claim that he is indeed the most sort after ingredient when you plan to cook a monster hit song.

In conclusion, I would say there is a general improvement on the part of Dj Cuppy. Her resilience continues to pay off even in the face of constant bashing from cyberbullies always belittling her efforts. Her incredible growth and superstar numbers say otherwise though. I believe if she persists and continues on her current path she will inevitably become a much bigger force.


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