Music sensation Taylor Swift leaves fans speculating a lot of things with new release “Lovers”.

The song which sees Taylor Swift return to her style of love songs welcomed a lyric video from the singer earlier today. Making it possible and easy for the fans to know the lyrics and see what surprises, or rather see the Easter eggs she’s dropped, as she has been known to always drop some in her past project.

Also known to delve into her personal life in her music lines, the singer has left fans wondering and drolling to know if she has finally tied the know with her lover or is about to. The lines “i’ve loved you three summers now, hiney/ and i want them all” are thought to reference her relationship with Britsh actor Alwyn, who she was booed up with back in 2016.

She also references wedding vows as she sings “ladies and gentlemen/ will you please stand/ with every guitar string on my hand/ i take this magnetic force of a man/ to be my lover”.  That alone is good enough to get the swifties all burned with excitement.

However, excited and curious fans on social media went on to share their thoughts, excitement and theories on the matter. Some said



Well whichever it turns out to be, we all extremely excited for the star. With all that said, Taylor Swift didn’t only keep her fans excited about her easter eggs, she also was award earlier this week by the US female football team with an Inaugural Icon Award at the 2019 Teen Choice Awards. She further praised them on their wins and taking a stand on the gender pay gaps.

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