The Reasons why Nigerian Artistes Should get Insurance Cover

The Decade is finally coming to an end, but not without the death of many talents in the entertainment industry, from OJB Jezreel to Cameey, Jungulist, and Mad Melon.

We also saw a number of entertainers appeal for crowdfunding to save their failing health, this makes you wonder why Nigerian entertainers do not take insurance policies seriously. Honestly, their first paycheck should go into securing a good insurance policy.

I mean some will say it is a “Nigerian problem” as it is a known fact that most Nigerians do not care or think about these sorts of things. Regardless, the importance of an insurance cover, be it, life insurance or health insurance cannot be overemphasized.

Many times, we live in the euphoria of our bubbly youth without taking cognizance of the fact that a time may come when our health fails us. What happens when we are faced with such a predicament? How do we save the situation without having to be at the mercy of the general public who may or may not come to our aid?

Here are a few reasons why you need an insurance policy:

Protection in Advance

As we all know Life can be very unpredictable, an insurance policy becomes a necessary cost that artists need to inculcate into their expenses. this ensures that they are protected from unforeseen circumstances and covered in the case of eventualities.

Risk Management

An insurance policy alerts you to the risks involved with how you are living your life I.e, your health, social life, sports e.t.c. You are able to mitigate the risks by cutting down activities that could be harmful and not beneficial to your life after you have taken out an insurance policy.
Hopefully, now, you see the reasons why you should take out an insurance policy. Don’t crowdfund your way to good health. Take matters into your own hands today!

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