Top 10 Nigerian Albums From 2000 Till Date

Top 10 Nigerian Albums from 2000 till date

Music in Nigeria has definitely come a long way from 2000 to 2019. We’ve had new artistes, new genres, new sounds and definitely over a 100 albums within this period. But despite the changes, Some albums have stood the test of time over the years and have proven to be evergreen.

After critical scrutiny, Top 50 Charts has been able to select the Top 10 albums from Nigeria for the past 19 years. See the list below.

10 “Baddest Guy Ever Liveth” by Olamide:

With Over 7 albums, Olamide’s 3rd album, “Baddest Guy Ever Liveth” secures the 10th spot. The album was released in 2013 and it changed Olamide’s career and brought more attention to Indigenous rappers in Nigeria. The album had songs like, “Duro Soke”, “Sitting On The Throne”, “Esu Pofo”, “Yemi My Lover” and “Eleda MI”. (A song that went on to be a record even in churches).

9 “M.I 2” by M.I:

M.I, African Rapper Number 1 like he calls himself, secures the 9th spot with his sophormore album, M.I 2. This album was a career changing album for M.I. The album earned him international recognitions from bodies like Team WestWood, Factory 78 and it even earned him an International award. M.I won BET’s “Best International Act”. The album had tracks like “Action Film”, “Number 1”, “undisputed Champion”, “Beef”, “Craze” and many more.

8 “Game Over” by P-Square:

Before their break up, in the early 2000’s, this duo where untouchable. They recorded over 6 albums as a group before their split. This album, “Game Over” earned them millions of sales both home and abroad. The album had hits like, “Ifunaya”, “Do Me”, “More Than A Friend”, “I love You”, and many more hits.

7 “Asa” by Asa:

This album by Asa was released in 2007. It’s one of the few albums which brought a new sound to Nigeria. These album paved the way for artistes like, Praiz, Johnny Drille, Temi Ovwassa and many more artistes who make music similar to hers. The album had hits like “Jailer” which sold and broke a lot of records, “Fire on the mountain”, “Bibanke” “Eye Adaba” and many more.

6 “Grass 2 Grace” by 2Face:

One of the many reasons why 2Face is regarded as an icon and a legend can be traced back to this album. It had hit tracks like “If Love Is A Crime”, “Ole”, “One Love”, “E Be Like Say”, “As You See Me So”, “True Love” and many more.

5 “African Giant” by Burna Boy:

Burna Boy constantly shows he is the new age Fela and he proves it in his “African Giant” album. Just like Fela’s Music, the album tackled social vices, the government, politics, societal ills and also preached love. The album has hits like “Wetin Man Go Do”, “Collateral Damage”, “Another Story”, “Secret”, “African Giant” and many more.

4 “Superstar” By Wizkid:

Starboy Wizkid’s debut album, “Superstar” holds the 4th spot. As a young artiste try to secure recognition and reputation in Nigeria, this debut album by Wizkid definitely made a statement as it has been the foundation of his career. The album has hits like, “Pakurumo”, “Don’t Dull”, “For Me”, “Holla At Your Boy”, “No Lele” and many more.

3 “The Entertainer” by D’banj:

After D’banj dropped this album in 2008, D’banj became untouchable as the album took him to the next level. From the productions on the album to the features and the tracks is what you refer to as a masterpiece. D’banj really came solid on the albumas it featured tracks like “The Entertainer”, “Kimon”, “Gbona Feli Feli”, “Fall In Love”, “Suddenly”, “Olorun Maje”. “Olorun Maje” is still one of the songs sang in churches till this day.

2 “Gongo Aso” by 9ice:

When 9ice debuted in the music industry, he brought a new sound to the industry which was the indegenous sound. In the early 2000’s, artistes didn’t really sing in their native tongue but 9ice made that difference. in 2008, his debut album, “Gongo Aso”, solidified the difference. The album had tracks like “Gongo Aso”, “Party Rider”, “Photocopy”, “Street Credibility” and many more hits.

1 “Mushin 2 Mohits” by Wandecoal:

Now when this album is mentioned many positive adjectives comes to mind but for me, the word is spectacular. The album is an evergreen classic that has stood the test of time. Several artistes have made reference to the album saying that they got inspiration from the album. The album earned wandecoal 8 Headies awards in one night. A record that is yet to be unbroken. The album featured songs like “So Pe”, “Taboo”, “You Bad”, “Confused”, “Kiss Your Hands”, “Jehovah”, “Bananas”, “Who Born The Maga”, “My Grind and many more bangers.

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