Top 5 Female Artists Right Now

Teni is a shining light. Her success continues to illuminate within the frame of the entire continent, as well as outside it. She has managed her breakthrough without the conventional means expected of a female figure making music in the country

Asa, held in high esteem for her unique sound and her god-like musical aura. She dictates the attention of the industry like no other person. For instance, Asa recently confirmed she was working on an album. And as a result of the confirmation, the album has quickly become the talk of the entire industry. With the recent release of her two widespread singles, she has announced her return to dominance.

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Next is Ninola, the powerful performer successfully carved out her style in an environment that has a poor history of female inclusion. The singer effervesces a unique brand of energy that never fails to be recreated on each of her tracks.

Simi,  the artist, producer, and wife has found a way to stay relevant every year by widening her scope and equally showcasing her artistic range. In addition, she is also one of the most reputable and outspoken music figures. She champions her leadership role with dignity.

Finally, Yemi Alade, one of the biggest female entertainment figures in Africa. With large fellowship on social media, she has one of the biggest musical platforms of any artist in the country. Again this is evident by the large number of crowd she is able to pull in on tours and at her concerts.

Yemi Alade


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