Top 50 Charts Throwback: M.I Abaga

M.I Abaga picks his top 10 MCs of all time

Top 50 Charts Throwback is a platform where we pick an artiste who has served major hits and still serving hits. We select some of the songs that moved us the most to show appreciation to their art. The artiste for today is “M.I Abaga”.

M.I Abaga, AKA The Chairman, has been in the music industry for over ten years now. Since his debut, he has held down the rap culture in Nigeria for the longest time now. He also has a lot of hits to his name. As a rapper, it’s very hard to release bangers but M.I did it nonetheless.

From his first album “Talk About It”, which was released in 2008 till this moment, M.I has held the rap game down. He’s been a remarkable artiste. Fast-forward to 2010, M.I released his second studio album titled “M.I 2”. That album is regarded by Hip-hop heads as the album that changed the rap culture in Nigeria and brought prominence to it. Furthermore, the album had hit tracks like “Action Film”, “Undisputed Champion”, “Beef”, “Number 1” and many more hits.

Also, M.I Abaga, has also set the pace for a lot of upcoming rappers and even rappers that are now established. Rappers like Jesse Jags, Iceprince, Loose Kannon were at some point under M.I’s Umbrella.

In 2014, M.I released his 3rd studio album titled “The Chairman”. The album had a lot of jams and sweet vibes. It had songs for your every mood. Songs like “Mine”, “Wheel barrow”, “Always Love You”, were songs for when you are emotions. “Million Naira Champagne” and “shepe” were songs for when you are in the club with your friends. The list goes on.

With hits like this, it is obvious M.I Abaga is a remarkable artiste. Furthermore, M.I has made and still makes music that will last in your hearts forever and stand the test of time.

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