Top50charts Spotlight: Teni Entertainer

Teni makanaki is the singer featured on the Top50charts spotlight this week. The amazing vocalist is unconventional in both her style of music and her approach to the music market. For all these amazing reasons we have decided to have a look at her ascending journey so far.

Brief History

Her stage name Teni is short for her original birth name, Teniola. She is the sibling to fellow singer, Niniola Apata. Teni reveals that the sheer amount of love she grew up around is the primary reason she wields such a loveable personality. She describes her relationship while growing up with her elder sister, Niniola as protective. Just like you would expect from every big sister out there. Teni has revealed that her mum is responsible for a huge part of her self confidence. As she would continually complement her as a child whenever the slightest opportunity presented itself.

Music Influence

Teni from her numerous freestyles has shown her inclination leaned towards fuji music. Time and again Teniola has expressed her deep admiration for King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall. Teni says she draws endless inspiration from his music and the message the fuji legend communicates. In an interview with Wazobia Max Tv in 2018 Teni revealed that she could drive 10hrs from Atlanta to New York listening to her idol’s music without getting bored.


Teniola’s breakthrough was not charted through any conventional means. The female singer organically built her career through pure hard work, talent and a little bit of luck. A popular comedian by the name Aphrican ape noticed one of her freestyle videos and reposted on his social media, that was how teni first went viral. She has gone on to become a household name since then. Releasing several hit singles a’s she still contines to dish out her signature freestyle videos. Not only has she recorded songs with some top artists, but she has also written some of the biggest songs.

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