Watch: Asa and Bankulli instantly vibe upon finally meeting for the first time

Watch Asa and Bankulli instantly vibe upon meeting for the first time

D’banj’s former manager, Abisagboola Oluseun John, popularly called Bankulli shared his excitement yesterday moment after meeting with singer, Asa for the first time. But it was as if they had been friends forever according to footage of the two of them instantly vibing as soon as they met. Bankulli described Asa’s energy as ‘positive’ in an Instagram post.

”I finally meet @asaofficial today … hmmmm She has one of the most realist Positive energy that only both of us can only define … we connected instantly” the music powerhouse said. The video showed Asa’s manager Janet Nwose leading Bankulli into Asa’s room before the two had their first-time moment of a proper introduction. And it was beyond splendid!

Bankulli is simply one of the most connected and grounded individuals in the music business right now. He recently just featured on THE LION KING: THE GIFT album released some months back. Also, his close relationship with Kanye West is one that many can say that they have. Asa is currently about to release her fourth studio album next month. And you get a feeling that their eventual meeting has more to do with business than just casual.

Check out the video below.

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