Yellow Album by Brymo Review

Brymo is pristinely blessed with the gift of artistry beyond words. His ability to rekindle the fire of shopworn subject-matters and make them burn verdantly again within the multiple hearts that receive his music is something of a myth amongst many artists today. Of course, he doesn’t achieve this by magic but by the virtue of his immaculate pen skills and a richly filled spirit.  But more importantly, it is his being that uniquely sets him apart from the rest.

I believe the art must at this point feel privileged to be fostered within the gifted mind of an auteur like Brymo. That’s how unique of a vessel he is– that the essence of the music is never lessened whenever Brymo does the delivery. Brymo brings that effulgent delivery once again to his 7th studio album, Yellow as he unravels some of the traits that destroy the human condition, his society and ultimately the human himself. But he also offers a way forward on this properly themed album.

Yellow By Brympo- Album Review

Espirit De Corps is a ballad on how disloyalty is a vicious cycle. One that brings about eventual downfall for everyone involved.  And oh, Brymo came with an impressive tinge of versatility on the first intro of this 3-piece album. He is RAPPING like a seasoned hip-hop artist on the chorus!

On Blackmail “love is the disorder” as Brymo sings. This is the case of two lovers who only by means of blackmail continue to sustain their love affair. On the third track, Ozymandias, Brymo, driven by hubris, continues to take from his lover without ever giving back. But there is a clever juxtaposition at the end of the track that leads one to believe he is also referring to the parasitic relationship between politicians and their subjects.

Yellow Album by Brymo

The second phase of Yellow begins with the remarkable track, Woman. This is one of my favorite Mikky Me productions on the album—by the way, I believe he deserves to be knighted for the beautiful madness he has once again done here. Black Man, Black Woman is about the obsession of the black man to be seen as the messiah. But without actually doing the deeds of a messiah. And also the scorned black woman who puts all the blame on his male counterpart afterward.

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The infusion of trumpets on Brain Gain is giving me some serious Chet Baker vibes. The title is clear enough as it is in line with the theme of this part of the album. People would rather run off in search of greener pastures than stay back to sort the mess.

The final phase of the album which is made up of four tracks is Brymo reiterating that the solution is not always to run away or outside. But rather to band together, look inward and find solutions to our problems. And yes the final phase is also where the hidden gem, which comes in form of the only feature on the album, lies.

This album in phases is characterized by three distinct themes. Side A; destructive traits in humans. Side B is about the widespread blame game here and there that comes after. While side C is a call to look inward instead and find a solution. This is simply a well-themed album backed by masterful production.

Album rating: 7.0

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